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About Terje & Astrid

Terje Svabø
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Terje Svabø (born 1952) is a freelance-journalist. He has a long career in journalism, both in TV and newspapers.

From 1985 to 1990 Terje was Aftenposten’s Correspondent in Asia, living in Beijing and Hongkong. He was a political correspondent in Stortinget (Parliament) both for Aftenposten, VG, NRK and TV 2.

During the 1990’s he chaired a weekly discussion-program in NRK and was the host for election-nights coverage.

Terje was the first leader of the liberal thinktank Civita.

In 2007 he was – as anchor – in the team starting TV 2 Nyhetskanalen.

From 2008 – 2012 Terje lived in Vienna and worked as a freelancer. From 2015 until 2019 in Zagreb. He has also lived in Helsinki and Berlin.

He has written five books.
Currently he is moderating conferences in English and Norwegian, ranging over several topics, as business, international questions and politics. He also gives lectures about media, politics, Balkan and Central-Europe.

Mail: terje@svaboversto.no
Phone, Norway: +47 992 60 000

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Astrid Versto
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Astrid Versto is a freelance journalist. She has a long career both as editor and diplomat.

She is particularly interested in Norwegian and international politics, business, culture, language and literature. In addition, she works with media consulting and training.

She has extensive experience as a journalist in NRK radio and television. Astrid was anchor in NRK-TV, debate leader and leader of the political department. She was Director of Communications at Norad, Head of Information at the Royal Court, Deputy Head of Mission at the Norwegian Embassy in Austria, Head of Communications for Development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to Croatia and EU Counsellor at the Embassies in Helsinki, Zagreb and Berlin.

Astrid gladly speaks about the daily life and history of these cities / regions, something she also does several times a year on Escape’s river cruise on the Danube.

Mail: astrid@svaboversto.no
Phone, Norway: +47 901 92 920

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